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Amazon Audiobook – 101 Job Interview Questions – Listen and Learn


1424 days ago

My most popular ebook, How to Answer Interview Questions, is now available as an Amazon Audible Audiobook! (It’s also available as an audiobook on Google Play, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Audible.) You can learn the best answers to 101 … Continue reading

Fastest Way to Get a Job – Think About Friends, Family, Even Your Church


1909 days ago

When you need to find a job, you shouldn’t be picky about where that job lead comes from. You might not think about your friends or family or your church family as a network, but they are. They know you … Continue reading

Fastest Way to Find a Job? Network With Your Previous Boss


1922 days ago

Even if you can’t (or don’t want to) work for your previous boss again, that person is still an amazing resource to help you find a job. How? Watch the video below to hear several different surprising ways a previous … Continue reading

Fastest Way to Find a Job? Use Your Alumni Group


1924 days ago

  Alumni organizations are great resources for you as a job seeker. Why? Because job searching is (often) all about your network. Watch the video below and I’ll tell you how one job seeker used his connections, and how folks … Continue reading