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How to Answer Interview Questions About Difficult Work Experiences

Posted 1857 days ago by Resume Reviewer

Employers love behavioral interview or situational interview questions about how you dealt with difficult experiences in your past. Why? For one, past behavior predicts future behavior. When you tell your story, you will give them a strong glimpse into how you would handle a similar situation when you work for them. Two, it gives them a big peek into your thought process. The ability to think critically about anything is an important skill, and your story will demonstrate that you can (or can’t) do this.

In the video below, I will tell you how I would answer an interview question about difficult work experiences , using one of my own personal stories as an example. You will hear the structure you should follow in your own story, and I will tell you what the most critical part of your story is. If you leave out the most critical part, the hiring manager won’t hear what he needs to in your answer.

Click the video to watch.

Read my blog article that goes into how to answer interview questions about difficult work experiences in much greater detail: How to Answer Interview Questions – Q75. It’s part of my 101-question-and-answer blog series on How to Answer Interview Questions.

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