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Fastest Way to Find a Job? Talk to Companies You Have Interviewed With In the Past

Posted 1857 days ago by Resume Reviewer

How many times have you interviewed for jobs but didn’t get it? Even though you were qualified, you were interested, and you had a great interview conversation? Probably at least a few….we all have. Or maybe you were offered the job but had to turn it down.

If you are in the job search right now, make a list of those companies and contact them again. Not to ask for a job–to ask for information.

In the video below, I will tell you about my own experience and how you can use this rich resource in your own job search. I’ll even tell you what to say when you call. Click on the video to watch.

Read my blog article that goes into much greater detail on this: Fastest Way to Find a Job – Tip 9 – Companies You’ve Interviewed With Before. It’s one article in my 25-part blog series, Fastest Way to Find a Job: 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.

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