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Finding a job

How to Answer Interview Questions About the Future You


1730 days ago

“If we hire you, what will we know about you a year from now?” Don’t all hiring managers wish they had a crystal ball to tell them whether or not you’ll be a good hire? Maybe that’s the wish behind … Continue reading

How to Answer Interview Questions About Going Against Corporate Directives


1732 days ago

Have you ever been asked to describe a time you went against corporate directives? Or bucked the system, went against the company, or violated company policy? This is not a typical job interview question, but this has been asked in … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tip: How To Build Your Confidence To Have a Great


1733 days ago

The impression you make in an interview is critical to your chances of getting the job. But interviews are incredibly stressful, so even the best of us get nervous. In the video below, I will share with you a few … Continue reading

Fastest Way To Find a Job? LinkedIn


1734 days ago

Social media is a must for you as a job seeker, and LinkedIn is King of social media for white-collar professionals. If you are in the job search, you need to see this short video and find out why LinkedIn … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips To Help You Relax and Make a Good Impression


1735 days ago

Do phone interviews make you nervous? Do you dread them, even? In the short video below, I will give you my #1 Tip to relax, be calm, and make a fantastic impression in your next phone interview. Click the video … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – Use Your Voice To Make Them Like You


1736 days ago

Do you have to transform your voice into the smooth tones of a radio DJ for a phone interview? Of course not. But your voice, or how you will sound to the person on the other end of the call, … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – Where You Should (And Should NOT) Do Phone Interviews


1737 days ago

Is your physical location really a big deal when it comes to phone interviews? Absolutely. I have seen candidates try to phone interview in pretty common places that actually kill their shot at the job because they can’t represent themselves … Continue reading

How To Answer Interview Questions About Your Freelance or Consulting Work


1738 days ago

If you have been freelancing or consulting, but now you’re applying to work for a company, they are going to have a few questions for you. The perception is that people who have been their own boss can’t go back … Continue reading

Phone Interview Tips – Here’s A Checklist For Success


1739 days ago

There are a lot of details to remember to make sure you have a great and successful phone interview. In the video below, I will give you a list of things you should always remember for your phone interview, from … Continue reading

Fastest Way To Find a Job? Don’t Discount Newspapers or Craigslist


1740 days ago

Want a way to find a job that most people will overlook? Try newspapers or Craigslist. In the short video below, I will tell you why these can still be good opportunities for you. Click on the video to watch. … Continue reading